Thank you for choosing to get your images off a computer & on to your wall for everyone to enjoy!
Below you will find all the information you need to order prints! 

Before you order any prints, please read and understand what cropping is :)

- Cropping. When any modern camera takes a picture, it can be printed as a 4x6 with no cropping.
If you want a bigger print, you can get an 8x12 or even a 16x24 and everything will work great.
BUT If you wan an 8x10, 2 inches of the print will need to be cut off. It can be 2 inches from the top or 2 inches from the bottom or 1 inch from each. 
If you want a 16x20 print, 4 inches need to be cut off from somewhere.
If you do not wish to crop an image, the ratio of the print must be 2/3
If there is a lot of sky at the top of an image or grass at the bottom, it is usually 100% fine to crop some and it will still look great. 
That is just something to keep in mind when choosing a frame or canvas size. 


We use a few different printing places, depending on turn around time, print type, and quantity. 

The easiest way to order prints is to go to your gallery here and pick out your pictures and order them straight through the gallery. 

If you order through your gallery, you will usually get your prints delivered to you in 2 business days.

The print pricing to the right is what you will see in your online gallery.
It does NOT include shipping but there is not a minimum order. 
You can also use coupon codes when ordering through your gallery.


If you are ordering a larger print or a canvas, you can often save money if you order it directly through us instead of your gallery.
If you are printing a bridal portrait, we would LOVE to print it for you, that way we know it looks AMAZING on your wedding day!
Here is the pricing for our most popular prints. If you want a different size, we can do it, just send us an email :)
The prices listed below include shipping and tax but there is a $50 minimum order.
Coupon codes can not be used when ordering straight through us. 
If you wish to order straight through us, just email us :)

Print FAQ's

You are more than welcome to download and print your images wherever you would like but we can not guarantee the quality.
We guarantee professional and high quality prints where ordering through your online gallery or straight through us. 
All canvases come 100% ready to hang on the wall.