Lego & Photography 

I'm Adam. I love Lego & I LOVE photography! I am constantly producing new FREE videos all about photography. To see how to create a simple timelapse video, check out this video. To see my other FREE photography related videos, follow me on Youtube and Instagram. If you would like a FREE photography cheat sheet PDF, sign up for my mailing list! 


Have you ever avoided shooting an image because of a distracting object in the background? Have you ever captured something breathtaking only to see a trashcan or an uncle photobombing in the background? Learning basic Photoshop skills like how to remove an object from an image will take your photography business to the next level! You will no longer be hesitant to shoot an amazing sunset because someone parked their van in the middle of a field!
On November 5th, at 8PM, I will teach a live FREE webinar showing you two simple methods for removing objects from images. I will use Adobe Camera Raw / Lightroom and Photoshop. If you cant watch live, a replay will be emailed afterwards. Be sure and sign up now to reserve your spot.