Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. These also serve as great reminders if you cant quite remember what we talked about at our meeting.
Every wedding is different so let us know if something doesn't seem quite right for your wedding. 

Do we get a copyright release/can we print/display/post/edit our pictures however we choose?
You get a copyright release for personal use which means you can print and display your pictures pretty much however you want but if you want to sell or enter your photos into a contest to win something, please ask us first. 
Please do not edit (this includes Instagram filters) crop, change, or alter the images in any way. 

We ask that you give us credit when displaying your photos anywhere online (see contract for specifics)
You can print your photos wherever you wish but we strongly encourage you to print through the online gallery (especially for photos displayed at your wedding) in order to guarantee great quality and accurate representation. The printer we use knows how to print our images and if there is anything you don't love about the images, we will fix it :)


How and when do we need to pay you? 
We ask for a $300 deposit to reserve your wedding date.
We also ask for $300 a week before every session we do (engagement or bridal)
We ask for the remaining balance 7 days before your wedding.
All your payments and future payments can be seen on Honeybook.  
You are more than welcome to pay with cash or check, just make sure we receive it on time :)


Do you need a seat during the ceremony?
During the ceremony, Adam usually likes to sit on the 1st row not reserved for family on the bride’s side.
We would love for you to reserve the first available aisle seat for him (usually between the 2nd and 4th row back.)
Sarah will sometimes have an aisle seat towards the back and she will sneak out after the bride walks down the aisle.
She will stay in the back and on the sides. We do not go up front, get on stage, or walk behind you. We are not obnoxious or distracting.


 Do you need a seat at the reception?
We do need a place to put our equipment. Behind the DJ table or under the gift table usually works well. While we do not require an assigned seat, it is nice to have a chair to sit in at some point (Either Adam or Sarah are always available to take pictures)


 Do we need to feed you at the reception?
Simply put, yes please :) We usually we take turns eating and it is usually when every else is eating or dancing. Don't worry, we wont be stuffing our faces when you cut the cake or toss the bouquet :)


 What should the “photo list" look like?
We try to avoid a long list of poses. Every wedding and venue is different so to give us a list of Pinterest pictures is unrealistic and we end up trying to check off a list rather than capturing what is naturally happening. If you have a few specific poses or locations you would like to make sure and get, that is welcomed (We will ask if there is anything specific you would like on your wedding day)

For the list of family pictures we found it is best to just do immediate family. If you want pictures of your aunts, uncles, cousins, and BFF’s, we can get those at the reception. We found this is best because once you get in to extended family, it takes up MUCH more time and gives us less time for the bride and groom pictures.

Also, we think it is best to do the bride and groom together in all of the pictures. If we get an organized list, it takes about 15 minutes to do the bride and groom with immediate family. A great time for just the bride and her family or just the groom and his family is before the ceremony starts :) For example, we can do a first look with the bride and her dad before the ceremony and then do some pictures of her and her family.

This is a good example of a family list. 

1.  Bride + Groom
2. Bride + Groom + Grooms parents
3. Bride + Groom + Grooms parents & siblings (spouses and kids included)
4. Bride + Groom + Grooms parents & siblings + Grooms grandparents
5. Bride + Groom + Grooms parents & siblings + Grooms grandparents + Brides parents, grandparents, and siblings.
    Grooms family is now done
6. Bride + Groom + Brides parents & siblings + Brides grandparents
7. Bride + Groom + Brides parents & siblings (spouses and kids included)
8. Bride + Groom + Brides parents


How long do you need for pictures after the ceremony?
Once we begin family pictures, we usually ask for one hour. Keep in mind that clearing the ceremony site can sometimes take 15 minutes so it is a good idea to have the officiant ask the guest to exit the ceremony site and head to the reception so we can get you to the reception as soon as possible. If we are just doing family pictures (if you did a first look and did all the photos before the ceremony) we will just need 15 minutes once we start family pictures. 


What does a typical wedding day look like for Adam & Sarah?
We are at almost all of our weddings for 8 hours and we usually arrive 2 to 3 hours before the ceremony. A short overview of the day looks like this. Of course every wedding is different and if you choose to do a first look, the timeline will obviously change :)
-Arrive and shoot details (rings, dress, decorations, etc...)
-Sarah is with girls while they are getting ready and Adam is with guys
-Adam will do groom and groomsmen photos and Sarah will do the girls. 
-We like to finish all photos a half hour before ceremony. 
-Family photos
-Entire bridal party photos

-Bride a groom photos
-Grand exit

Are there any recommendations for the wedding day?
One thing that is super helpful for everyone on a wedding day is a coordinator. This does not have to be a professional, it just needs to be someone that all your vendors can ask questions too. The bride does not need to be asked 100 questions on her wedding day. 

While we do not require you to print through us, we highly recommend it. You simply let us know what photo you would like and what size and we handle the rest! We correctly size and edit the photo for printing and if there are any problems, we fix them :)
Our photo paper prints are printed on professional quality luster paper.
Our canvas prints are mounted and ready to hang up or display on an easel

 Size   Canvas    Paper
12x18          $120    $30
16×24         $170    $40
20×30        $240    $60
24x36        $300    $80
30×48        $600    $160
40×60        $700    $180