I am Adam Mullins. 
I was an educator, then a photographer, now a photography educator. I believe the world needs more pretty pictures and I want to teach you how to take them. With so much of today's business and social influences coming from images alone, it is incredibly important that you represent yourself and/or your business in the best light possible. Let me help you capture what is important to you in the most beautiful way possible. 


Have you ever avoided shooting an image because of a distracting object in the background?
Have you ever captured something breathtaking only to see a trashcan or an uncle photobombing in the background?
Learning basic Photoshop skills like how to remove an object from an image will take your photography business to the next level! In this one hour video course, I will show you how to quickly and confidently remove distracting objects from your images using Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom, and Photoshop.  Once purchased, you will be emailed a PDF where you can download or watch the one hour video as many times as needed.