Hello :)
We are so excited that you are interested in our work!
We are Adam & Sarah, a hubby & wife duo :) We LOVE our job as full time wedding photographers! We get to travel around and photograph sweet couples at beautiful venues and we get to do it all TOGETHER... while eating wedding cake!!!
Take a few minutes and read more about us and how we do things (hint: simply and personally)

If you like what you see (and you promise to share your wedding cake) then send us an email and we can start chatting about all the details! 


Since 2010, we have shot around 200 weddings all over the east coast :)

We all take every wedding we do very seriously and personally. We don't have clients, we have friends. 

We like to keep things simple and organized. All of our packages include two photographers. All of our packages include editing and copyright release of all images. We travel up to an hour from Lynchburg at no extra charge. If your wedding is farther away, we charge $1 a mile there and back.
Everything you need is included in our packages, no need to complicate things :)

For more information on our albums, click "Wedding Albums" above.


We feel it is extremely important to consider a few (often overlooked) things when choosing a photographer to invest in. Your photographer is a HUGE deal! 
When we photograph your wedding, we do SO much more than just document what is happening! We invest in you and your wedding. We come up with a timeline with you so that your wedding day is smooth and we are all on the same page. We make sure that every detail that you worked so hard on planning is captured in the most beautiful way possible. This means we bring our own wooden hangers to weddings in case you don't have one for your dress, we bring clear umbrellas just in case it rains, we carry water and tissues. We don't just take pictures of you getting ready, we place you in the most beautiful light we can find. We know how special your day is to you and we do what it takes to insure gorgeous images. 
When shopping for a photographer, you need to make sure that the photographer can take more than just a handful of beautiful images. It is so easy to take a few good pictures on a beautiful wedding day, edit a handful, and post them online. We don't just give you a handful of good images, we are proud of ALL our images, that is why we post entire wedding days on our website. Make sure you look at entire wedding days when searching for a photographer, not just the "highlight real."
It is also important to make sure your photographer is prepared for any environment. Of course it's easy to take good pictures in ideal situations but what if the venue is tiny, huge, dark, or bright!? Can the photographer shoot in the rain or snow? Do they have backup gear? We have shot weddings in 100 degrees, we have shot in the dark, in direct sun, and even in the snow. All of our gear is weather sealed for shooting in any weather. We have backup cameras, lenses, flashes, batteries, and memory cards.
Also, take in to consideration the second shooter. Do you have to pay more for a second shooter? Is the second shooter experienced as well or are they just learning? With us, you always get two very experienced photographers that know what they are doing. We are proud of all of our work and we love our job! We invest in you and your wedding and we are here to help insure the most stress free and perfect day possible! 

You will be spending most of your day with your photographer, make sure you like them :) Before we take a deposit for any wedding, we like to meet with the couple in person. We chat, talk details, and drink lots of coffee. We want to make sure you like us! If you decide to invest with us, we keep everything simple and organized. All the payments and contracts are done online. We send you an online questionnaire to get to know you and your wedding details. We will meet again in person to come up with a timeline of your wedding day so that everyone is on the same page on your day. Most importantly, we take your wedding personally. 

Spend some time checking out some of our work, look over our packages, click here to see what our brides say about us, and if you think we may be a good fit for your wedding day, send us and email and we would LOVE to set up a meeting and chat about YOUR WEDDING!! 

We realized after shooting hundreds of weddings that sharing our wedding experience can really help a bride plan her day and make the most of every moment. We put together a nearly 100 page magazine designed to make your day as stress free and beautiful as possible. If you set up a meeting with us, we will mail you a magazine of your own to look through but if you just cant wait, here is a pdf version :)