Real Estate Photography & Tips for Shooting Inside Houses

With digital cameras and even phones getting better and better as well as cheaper and cheaper, many realtors are choosing to shoot their own properties rather than hiring a professional. I am going to give you a few quick tips on how to shoot rooms in their best “light.”
Get it, best light…. Hahahaha

If you would rather watch than read, click the play button on the house below to watch me photograph a house.

First. Turn OFF all the lamps and overhead lights!!! Mixed lighting usually looks gross.
Turn them off. All of them.

See the difference in the photos with lamps vs. the ones with just natural light??

If the room is super dark, you may have to shoot with a tripod in order to avoid motion blur.

Second tip, open all the blinds and maybe even the doors. The more natural light, usually the better :)

Use a wide lens. A wider lens make rooms look bigger :)

One of the most important things is image editing / post processing. You really should edit your photos with image editing software before sharing them. 

Follow these few tips and your images will look brighter and more inviting!

If you have an amazing house that you need captured in the best possible way, I would love to show you want I can create. I am a full time photographer based in central Virginia that offers aerial photos, 360° photos, virtual tours, still photos, time lapse, and highlight videos. I can often shoot images any day of the week and usually upload your photos within 24 hours... all for a price that is very affordable.

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