4 Reasons why you should shoot film

I really love shooting film, you should too. Here are 4 reasons why. 


First, I am NOT a film expert. I would not even consider myself a film photographer. However, I have shot some sessions entirely on film with good results and I learned film photography in the 90s... So I guess that counts?? Because of my basic understanding of film, it has really helped me grow as a digital photographer. Here are 4 reasons why YOU need to shoot film, even if your client never knows!

1.    It (can be) cheap and fun! I bought my first Nikon film camera online for $15. I bought a roll of film from the local camera store for a few dollars and I started shooting. I sent it off, got scans back, and for less than $30 I shot a roll of film. It was so fun!

2.    It helps you SLOW DOWN. When shooting digital, it is easy to “spray and pray” You just hold down the button, fire off 10 frames and hope you get one keeper. With film, you are forced to slow down and take your time with every shot. When I shoot a session on film, I deliver about 75% of my images, when I shoot digital, it’s less than 25%.
Plus, when I go back to shooting digital, I am more careful and intentional with my shooting, saving me time in post processing and helping me capture really great moments.

3.    Post processing. When I shoot digital, I shoot the session, load all the images on my computer, cull through and store 100% of them but only choose and edit about 25%, save them, upload them, and deliver them. When I shoot film, I shoot the session, mail the film off, receive the scans, MAYBE edit a few of them, then simply send the images to the client. The workflow and post processing is easier and faster... 

4.    Back to the basics. When shooting film, you can not review your shot every frame, so you have to know what you are doing in order to get good results. You have to think about your shutter being fast enough to not cause motion blur, your focus being spot on, the direction / quality of light, and of course, your exposure has to be correct. When shooting on film, you really think about what is going on. When you go back to digital, you will instinctively be thinking of these things. 

5.    BONUS: All the hipsters are doing it. There is something organic and satisfying about seeing your work on a piece of film rather than just on a screen.

Like I said, I am not a film photographer, but I do enjoy shooting the occasional session on film or shooting a roll of medium format during a wedding.
Have you shot film? What has been your experience?

Developing your own film is fun, but the equipment can be costly & there is a learning curve :) 

Developing your own film is fun, but the equipment can be costly & there is a learning curve :) 

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