How night portraits can save your wedding day // Raspberry Plain Manor // Night Wedding Portraits

Have you ever been shooting a wedding where things were running behind or the weather was just gross?? If you have been lucky enough to avoid the above scenarios, there will come a day where you get next to no quality time for portraits and have to get creative.

Disclaimer: This bride and groom were AMAZING. I did night portraits with them because I wanted to, not because I had to :) Thank you Jeanna and Steven for being incredible! 


First, let me make it clear that we never rely on shooting just night portraits as our plan A. Our brand and our brides expect bright and beautiful sunset portraits but sometimes that can just not happen. When that is the case, we don't freak out, because we know we can always do some pictures at night during the reception. Many times, brides even request night portraits or I just want to do some for fun. For a wedding photographer, shooting at night is an important skill to have. Here is how you can get started!

We use these Yongnuo flashes, they are inexpensive and easy to use. 

Also, we ALWAYS shoot on manual, it is just easier to figure everything out that way.

I never want to pull the bride and groom out from their wedding for a long time, so while Sarah is taking care of the reception, I go outside and scout my location and get set up.
Once I find the spot I want, I set my camera for the ambient light (the light that I do not produce with my flashes)

After I get the ambient light correct, I place my two bare flashes on light stands in about the right place and I go inside to find a cute couple :)

I have the couple stand there and I turn on channel A (the rear flash)
I adjust the back light to a level I like and then I turn on channel B and get my main light looking good.


Once I get the main flash where I want it, I take a few seconds to take some good photos of my models and then I head inside to grab the bride and groom.

When they come outside, everything is all set and it literally takes less than 2 minutes to get “the shot” and then they can go back in and party :)


Once you understand how to use flash, night portraits can be a great tool to add to your wedding day arsenal. If you are not confidant with your flashes, I offer one on one photo lessons and mentoring where I can teach you all about on and off camera flash. Click here for more info on mentor sessions as well as many other FREE photography resources.