Hey, I'm Adam. I'm a total nerd. I graduated in 2009 with a degree in Education. Even though I adored teaching, I did not adore lesson plans and grading papers.... So ever since 2013, my wife Sarah and I have been full time photographers and soon after that I taught my first photography workshop. Combining my love of teaching with my love of photography is a dream of mine and I am beyond excited to be able to help even more people create the images they have always dreamed of.  I am constantly creating new FREE videos, launching new courses, and answering as many questions as I can. If photography is a passion of yours and you are eager to learn all you can, join my mailing list and get tips sent straight to your inbox along with receiving offers and videos before everyone else!

Below you can see what others have to say about my workshops and check out some of my FREE videos. You can also look at my most popular course, Out Of Auto. 

Out of Auto was my very first and the most popular in person workshop that I have ever taught. Because of its popularity and the frequent requests I get to host more workshops, I decided to take the time to produce a high quality and in depth video class that is as close to in person as possible! Now you do not have to come to Lynchburg or tie up your schedule to finally learn how to use that fancy camera you have! You are able to learn at your own pace, taking breaks and pausing whenever you need to.
Out of Auto is NOT simply watching a video or reading a manual, I show you specifically how to change settings, I show you specific examples, and I even challenge you to take specific pictures. Not only do you practice alongside me as you watch, with your purchase you get access to our closed photography community where you can ask questions, post your photos for others to review, and occasionally I will even post paid photography job opportunities.
This class teaches the fundamentals of photography and builds a foundation from which you can expand and grow your skills as a photographer. The only requirement is that you have a camera that is able to shoot on manual mode (all digital interchangeable lens cameras) No prior photography knowledge is required. I will walk through what parts of the camera are called, where buttons are, how to set up your camera, and then I teach you how to understand photography and light so that you are prepared for any lighting situation. We will focus on the technical aspects of photography, which will enable you to understand how your camera and light interact. This class does not cover posing people, flash, or post processing. We simply focus on gaining a deep understanding and building a foundation on which you can build. You will be able to get out of auto mode and in to manual mode where you can capture the images you envision.
Throughout the class I use 4 of the most popular cameras, a high end Nikon and Canon as well as entry level Nikon and Canon. So if you have a Nikon or Canon, I will show you very specifically how to change settings but if you have any other brand of camera, you can pause the video while you figure out how to change a specific setting. Most cameras are pretty similar so you really should be able to take the class using any brand of camera.
The total content of the class is about an hour long but you are encouraged to pause the video frequently and try what I am doing. The class is designed to be very hands on and practical. Even though watching the video straight through will only take an hour, it is expected to take at least two hours to complete the course once you factor in pausing and taking time to shoot the example pictures I ask for. Not only do you get the video content, exclusive access to our photography community, but I am also willing to answer any questions you have along the way!
Lastly, after taking the class and following my instructions, if you are not 100% happy with the class, you will get a 100% refund. There is no risk in taking the class, if you do not understand your camera and light after taking the class, I will refund you.

Once you purchase Out Of Auto, you can watch the class over and over again at your own pace. If you join the mailing list above, you will be emailed a coupon code for $50 off! 

Out Of Auto
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