Thank you for your interest in a premium custom designed photo album! Below you will find the instructions for choosing your favorite images and some additional information we need to create your one of a kind album!

For your album you can choose your top 20-30 images that you want to make sure make it in the album and we will fill in the rest! If you see a photo that you just really don't like and don't want in the book you can let us know too : ) Or if you would rather just be completely surprised by what's in the book and want us to choose them all that is fine : ) You can choose a leather or linen cover.

Here is how you can choose your selections and get them to us easily :) Click your album here. Hover over the photo you want to choose and there will be a heart in the upper left corner. Click that heart and it will turn red. If you decide you don't want that photo just click it again and it will return to white. Once you have chosen your photos in the top left of the page you will see it says My Selection. Hover over that and click edit my selection. It will then take you to a page of all your favorites. Click "Send To" in the top left of the page and copy and paste the first link and email it to us. It will say send as read-only set. If you have any problems with that you can always just send us a list of the photos with their number but I thought this might help keep them more organized. Let me know if you have any questions about that