Adam is the brains and tech guru of Adam Mullins Photography. From the time he owned his first point and shoot camera he knew had been given something special. His eye for photography is what gave Adam Mullins Photography its name. He loves experimenting with light and trying new photography techniques. He loves reading techy blogs, snuggling with Sarah, and chasing the kids around the house.

Along with shooting weddings and sessions, Sarah manages all of the behind the scenes work. Most days she can be found answering emails, updating calendars, sending contracts, all while creating unique sessions and photographs. Sarah’s favorite things include, snuggling with Adam, Deitrich, Aubri and Jax. She enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, reading and watching movies, and instagraming the whole time :)


Together Adam & Sarah make the perfect team. They have shot over 100 weddings together since they got married 2009. Adam & Sarah have the creative eye to make every session special and the professional equipment to capture the true beauty of the scene. They are personally invested in every shoot and do their best to have fun along the way.

Adam & Sarah have four super special children and feel blessed to be able to work from home and spend time with them. Deitrich is the artistic third grader. Aubri is a second grade diva. Jax is the super cute three year old, and Ollie is the newest little photographer :)